1. Bear With Me Baby
2. Sealed With A Kiss
3. Baby If I...
4. Empty Stretch Of Highway
5. Make Believe
6. I'm Gonna Set My Foot Down
7. Anyone But You
8. Crazy Dreams
9. Sharp Shootin'
10. Goin' Crazy
11. One Cup Of Coffee
12. My Rockin' Baby
13. Full Moon Keeps On Shining
14. You're The Only One
15. Empty Stretch Of Highway Version 2
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1. Step It Up 7. Little Miss Heartache
2. Come On Baby 8. Chalk It Up To The Alcohol
3. Thinkin' 'Bout Drinkin' 9. Baby's Gone
4. Bum Me A Cigarette 10. Lovin' Toy
5. Bye Bye Sweetie Pie 11. Everlasting Love
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Dawn helps out on backing vocals on:
Truly Lover Trio - Dig It, Baby, Dig It
Truly Lover Trio - Bullseye
Miguel Garcia and the Vaquetones - 25 Cent Pony (uncredited)

Dawn is also featured in the book "Catch That Rockabilly Fever" by Sheree Homer. Get your copy now!